The ABC’s of Facial Aging

For those just beginning to experience the signs of facial aging, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.  Puzzling out the meaning of medical terminology or figuring out the difference between smile lines, laugh lines, worry lines and frown lines can be confusing for anyone.  It has always been my belief that knowledge is the best way to confront uncertainty, and it is my hope that, by explaining some of the commonly associated terms for facial aging, I can help clear up any questions you may have going into whatever cosmetic surgery procedures you may wish to undergo.

The ABC’s of Facial AgingAge Spots: Also known as liver spots, these small, flat, pigmented spots are most often seen on areas of the body that have been exposed to the sun over a period of years.  Age spots usually occur after the age of 40.  Frequently the appearance of facial age spots can be minimized with Sciton® laser skin resurfacing.

Crow’s Feet (Canthal lines):  The fine lines that develop at the sides of the eyes, often caused by smiling, sun exposure, and the loss of skin elasticity associated with age.  They can be temporarily treated with injections of Botox®.

Double Chin: The roll of fatty flesh that can occur below the chin as a result of heredity, age, or weight gain.

Expression Lines: Any repeated action, like the constant movement of the facial muscles, can lead to skin wrinkling.  Certain actions can accelerate this process, such as repeated sun exposure and smoking, both of which can damage the skin and cause premature aging.

Eyelid Ptosis: Ptosis is the general medical term for the sagging that occurs over time as the result of the loss of skin and muscle elasticity.  When the eyelids sag it can convey the appearance of sleepiness and inattention.  This can sometimes be alleviated through blepharoplasty.

Frown Lines (Glabellar lines): Vertical wrinkles that occur between the eyebrows, which can create the appearance that one is concerned or upset.  They can be temporarily erased with injections of Botox®.

Jowls: Sagging skin can cause the cheeks to descend below the jaw line, creating jowls.  This can frequently be treated with a lower facelift.

Laugh Lines (Nasolabial folds): Deep wrinkles that stretch from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth like parenthesis.

Perioral Lines: Small, vertical wrinkles that form over the upper lip and below the nose, making the upper lip appear dry and cracked.

Smile Lines (Marionette lines): Long vertical lines that extend from the corners of the mouth downward to outline the chin. They may give the impression of being dissatisfied or scornful.

Turkey Wattle: When excess skin and fat sags and hangs loosely underneath the chin.  A neck lift procedure can help restore a more youthful appearance.

Worry Lines (Forehead furrows): Deep horizontal wrinkles that form across the forehead.  They are a result of the natural sagging of the skin that occurs with time. Mild worry lines may be alleviated with Botox®, while deeper one may require forehead or browlift surgery.

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