Vectra® M3 Imaging Technology Previews Your Breast Augmentation Results

For my breast augmentation patients, I use Vectra® M3’s 3D imaging system during consultations to allow patients to preview their post-operative results. This new plastic surgery technology enhances the consultation experience and helps improve overall patient satisfaction. Since there are numerous  breast implant types, shapes, and sizes, our Vectra® M3 system lets you “try on” various implants to preview the possibilities of the results.

vectra 3d imaging atlantaAccording to a Swedish study published in the October 2013 issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, 86 percent of patients who used Vectra® M3 imaging in the study felt the simulated image was very accurate and 81 percent would select the same implant from their simulation if it were done again. Using six specially placed cameras, Vectra® captures detailed three-dimensional images of the patient’s body. By viewing each of your options on accurate images of your body, Vectra® imaging lends patients a sense of ease and confidence when choosing implants.

As everybody’s structure is unique, I work with each of my patients to determine the best type of implant to complement their body. The Vectra® system can also be used to capture images of the face and body as well. From initial consultations through post-operative meetings, we want your plastic surgery results to reflect the expectations and goals you have.

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