Quick Facts on Vectra® Digital Imaging Technology for Breast Augmentation

As mentioned in previous blogs, Vectra® 3D digital imaging system is a technology I provide during consultations for my breast augmentation patients. The imaging system uses six angled cameras to capture simulated images of the patient’s body from various angles. I enjoy using this technology for patients interested in different types and sizes of breast implants so they can preview each outcome. While Vectra® imaging may sound pretty straightforward, below are a few more facts detailing the versatile technology this system offers:

vectra 3d imaging atlanta•   My patients can choose almost any breast implant type, texture, and size to preview. Vectra® already includes each FDA approved brand in the system so patients can browse all of their options.

•   To address breast asymmetry or resolve effects caused by Poland’s Syndrome, Vectra® even allows you to select different implant sizes per breast. For example, a patient who has one significantly larger breast can choose a smaller implant and then a slightly larger implant for the other breast.

•   Vectra® allows overlaying so pre-op images can be shown with the simulated outcome for better comparison and to make results more apparent.

•   With multiple post-operative screens to view, breast augmentation patients can look at each outcome side by side to better choose their breast implants. They can view different implant sizes and even round or shaped implant results.

•   According to the makers of Vectra®, Canfield Scientific, Inc., each image capture time is about 3.5 milliseconds so images appear crisp and clear without any movement shown. The cameras are also adjustable so they fit the patient’s height for better photo production.

Not only does this enhance your consultation experience, but it also provides a better sense of the procedure and expected results. If you’re interested in a breast procedure, please contact my office to schedule your appointment today. Be sure to also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest updates.