A Personalized Approach to Breast Enhancement

Many women synonymously associate breast enhancement with breast augmentation when in fact, breast enhancement is a general term to describe various possible procedures for the breasts: lift, reduction, augmentation or a combination of more than one breast procedure.  A number of questions I frequently hear from my breast enhancement patients start with the question “what is the best?”  Patients often want to know the best age, breast size, implant type or shape will best suit them.

The great thing about plastic surgery is that it is 100% personalized for you and as a board certified plastic surgeon my goal is to help you achieve your optimal plastic surgery results, in the most natural way possible.  This means meeting during a consultation to evaluate the look you’re going for and then recommending the appropriate surgical plan that works specifically for your body’s frame instead of what society or other outside influences may perceive as “perfect.”  In a recent YouTube video I discuss several concerns Atlanta breast enhancement patients have as well as some of the considerations we, as surgeons, take into account when working with each of our patients:

If you are interested in a cosmetic or reconstructive breast procedure I perform, contact my office to schedule a consultation where I utilize three-dimensional photos from the Vectra® 3D imaging system to visually guide breast enhancement patients with simulated plastic surgery results.  For even more news and information on plastic surgery, don’t forget to connect with me, Dr. Allyson Maske, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.