3 Ways to Improve Plastic Surgery Results

For many patients starting their plastic surgery experience, safety and satisfaction with the end result is a top concern, no matter what procedure is chosen.  With any cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery procedure there are always inherent risks that can arise but it is often less known that there are in fact ways you can help improve results before and after a procedure is performed.  Below I share the top three ways that patients can actively participate in improving their overall plastic surgery results.

Find the best surgeon for you.  Picking the right doctor to help you achieve optimal results is important. Not every doctor specializes in every plastic surgery procedure and you should find a surgeon who is skilled at the procedure you are interested in to help reduce the likelihood of being unhappy with your results.  Setting up consultations with numerous doctors is a great way to start the decision process.  This is the time where patients get to ask questions regarding the procedure, the techniques that would be used and evaluate the rapport the doctor encouraged during your meeting (do they answer all of your questions thoroughly, do they have good before and after results, are they warm and seem to have the patient’s interest at heart or are they just cold and dismissive?).  Not every doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon therefore it’s important to check into their credentials to make sure they have completed the rigorous curriculum necessary to have earned the trusted stamp of approval from the medical board.

Visualize your results.  One of the most innovative technologies I have been fortunate to adopt is the Vectra® 3D digital imaging system.  Utilized during the consultation process, what makes this system so great is that it uses six angled cameras to produce simulated images of a patient’s body, and then I am able to use the images and let the patients preview the end result.   For instance, if a breast augmentation patient is in between two different sized breast implants, we can “try on” the implants using Vectra® imaging to create post-operative views.  It’s one thing for me to describe to patients potential results.  However, in my opinion, it’s more valuable to be able to also physically show patients their projected results because it can also help ease some of the anxiety patients may feel as they approach their surgical date.

Follow instructions.  Once a patient leaves our office we send them home with detailed post-operative care instructions.  Instructions include what to expect in the few days/weeks of recovery to proper ways to caring for surgical sites and returning to normal activity.  Sure you may physically feel great, but it would be a shame for you to over exert yourself and end up causing more harm than necessary.   We give you these instructions because your body needs time to properly heal after a plastic surgery procedure.  For this reason, I cannot stress enough how much important it is to schedule and attend your follow-up consultations so that your healing can be examined to monitor your progress and make sure unforeseen issues don’t arise.

With any surgical procedure it is difficult to predict the final result but being proactive in all stages of your plastic surgery journey can have more benefit than not.  If you’re interested in a cosmetic procedure or have questions in general, please contact the office of Allyson B. Maske to schedule your appointment today. Be sure to also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more plastic surgery news and updates.