What Makes a Breast Augmentation Consultation So Important?

Before any cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s common for patients to have certain questions or concerns. Is this the right procedure for me? Will this surgery really help me achieve my goals? How do I know my plastic surgeon is someone I can depend on? This makes sense. Plastic surgery is not a decision to be made lightly. This is why the pre-surgery consultation is so important. A consultation is especially vital for patients who are considering a highly customizable procedure like breast augmentation.

During a breast augmentation consultation, we will discuss all of your options (including the size, material, texture, and shape of breast implants) as well as what you hope to achieve from your surgery. The consultation period also allows me to get to know you, while allowing you to get to know me. Establishing a strong patient/surgeon bond is one of the most crucial aspects of any cosmetic surgery journey. It’s important for all of my patients to feel assured that they are in good hands when they step into my office. I want you to feel comfortable asking any questions you may have about your procedure. Being knowledgeable about all your potential surgical options is an important part of making sure you have the best experience possible during your breast augmentation.

During a breast augmentation consultation, I am also able to use the Vectra® 3D Imaging system to help guide my patients through their prospective surgery. Vectra® 3D uses a system of cameras to capture three-dimensional photos of the patient’s body contour. It is then able to use these photos to create lifelike projections of what their final plastic surgery results may look like. Vectra® 3D Imaging allows my breast augmentation patients to help determine the ideal implant option for their aesthetic needs by virtually trying on various types and sizes of breast implants.

In the video below, I discuss breast augmentation procedures and what patients can expect from their breast augmentation consultation:

If you have a question of your own about breast augmentation or any other cosmetic surgery that I perform, don’t be shy. I take great pride in educating prospective patients about the amazing, life-changing benefits that cosmetic procedures can provide. If you would like more information or think you are interested in undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, please contact me, Dr. Allyson B. Maske, to schedule your plastic surgery consultation today. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more plastic surgery tips, news, updates, and more.