Reconstructive Breast Surgery to Address Poland’s Syndrome

Many patients seek breast surgery for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes including asymmetry, sagging breasts, or reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy. At my Atlanta practice, I perform a variety of breast procedures to help my patients achieve their goals. As a board certified plastic surgeon, I specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery to resolve concerns caused by Poland’s Syndrome, a congenital disorder that typically appears as a shortage of breast tissue on one side but in its severe form can affect the breast, the major chest muscles and even the arm. The result can range from simple asymmetry to absence of the breast or nipple, deformities of the pectoral muscles and even hand and arm abnormalities.

atlanta breast surgeryPoland’s Syndrome can cause deformities of the ribs and surrounding cartilage, as well as noticeable asymmetry for women. Treatment for Poland’s varies depending on the patient’s body structure, amount of breast tissue, and aesthetic goals. To create a more proportional result, treatments can include the use of a breast implant, tissue expanders, or flap technique to restore the absent breast. Nipple surgery can also be performed in combination or as an individual procedure to improve overall breast appearance.

While some asymmetry can be caused by Poland’s, other is just natural variation, or the result of previous surgery or life changes due to pregnancy and weight shifts. Breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast revision surgery can be used for patients that are no longer satisfied or need to resolve an implant-related complication. During consultations with each of my patients, I ensure to discuss your goals and expectations. We also provide the innovative Vectra® M3 imaging system to preview breast surgery options for patients to visually see results.

If you’re interested in a breast procedure, please contact my office and schedule your consultation today. Be sure to also connect with me, Dr. Allyson Maske, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest updates.