To Lift or Enhance: Which Breast Procedure is Right for Me?

Many of my female patients initially meet with me because they would like their bodies to appear the way they did when they were younger.  The effects of aging, gravity, weight gain, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can take a toll on the body, especially in the breasts which over time gradually lose their shape and firmness. To address such concerns, I recommend a breast augmentation and/or a breast lift surgery to give your breasts a more youthful and perkier look. Often times my patients will have a general idea of the cosmetic surgery results they would like to see for their breasts, but aren’t quite sure which procedures are necessary to achieve the look they truly are going for.

Breast Lift Surgery FAQsBreast augmentation surgery is ideal for patients whose breasts have lost firmness or have decreased in size due to weight fluctuation, pregnancy or breastfeeding or simply to improve their self-esteem and body image.  As each woman’s cosmetic goals are unique, the correct type of breast implant will be determined during your consultation with me and you’ll have the opportunity to try on various implant sizes and types to determine the best fit for your frame. There are many factors that go into deciding what size breast implants to choose for breast augmentation surgery. Breast implants are measured by the number of CC’s of saline or silicone within the implant as opposed to cup sizes. Before your surgery, we will discuss your desired cosmetic result, lifestyle habits, and I will take body measurements to determine which size will give you the most proportionate look.

Many of my patients prefer visual examples when deciding which breast procedures are best suited for them.  To help guide you through your decision process, I provide Vectra® M3 digital imaging which is a new technology that gives you the opportunity to preview your potential cosmetic results through simulations.  Capturing three-dimensional images, Vectra® technology allows you to “try on” different implants and view results from any angle to increase expectations and improve satisfaction of your final results.

For those of you that want an extra lift, a breast lift can be performed to address the physical changes our breasts undergo as we age and battle the effects of gravity.  I perform breast lifts by addressing the tissue and skin of the breasts.  During the procedure I trim excess skin and rearrange and tighten supporting tissue to raise the breasts to a higher position on the chest. Breast lift surgery alone cannot increase the size of your breasts so a combination procedure with breast augmentation would be needed to achieve your overall effect of having larger breasts.  For women with overly large breasts, breast lift can be combined with breast reduction to help reduce extra weight carried on the chest.

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