Complementing Your Exercise with Plastic Surgery

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, complete with regular exercise, can be one of the best ways to stay looking young and vital as you get older.  However, no matter how rigorous your exercise program or how healthy your diet, there are certain areas of the body that simply refuse to let go of fat deposits.  Moreover, excess fat can stretch the skin, leaving it to sag when the weight is finally lost.  While plastic surgery should never be considered a replacement for a sensible diet and healthy exercise plan, there are a number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that can complement your healthy weight loss regimen and help eliminate the stubborn fat deposits and loose, sagging skin that significant loss can leave behind.

exercising after breast surgerySome areas of the body are notoriously difficult to tone.  The upper thighs and arms, knees, and neck, just to name a few, are all areas that are difficult to exercise effectively, making the fat that deposits in those areas particularly difficult to lose.  Liposuction, also called lipoplasty, is an excellent way to help contour the areas that exercise programs fail to reach.  As one of the top five most commonly performed procedures in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), liposuction can safely and effectively remove fat trapped between the muscle and skin in order to create a smoother and more contoured physique.

Unfortunately, even liposuction cannot eliminate the excess skin that is often left behind.  After significant weight loss, excess skin can be particularly evident in the proverbial “bat wings” that can sag under the arms.  Over the past several years, an increasing number of women have expressed an interest in emulating the athletic and toned upper arms sported by certain famous women, and so have decided to pursue brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery to remove and tighten the excess, sagging skin the upper arms.  In fact, according to statistics compiled by the ASPS, the number of arm lift procedures performed in the United States has increased 4,565% since 2010.

Perhaps the biggest areas of concern for women are the thighs and flanks.  Thigh lifts, which can remove layers of fatty tissue and excess skin from the inner or outer thighs, have also become significantly more popular in the last several years.  Together arm lifts and thigh lifts can help you to complete the transformation you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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