How Can I Maintain My Plastic Surgery Results Over Time?

Every patient expects to look and feel their best after plastic surgery. Achieving excellent aesthetic results from your cosmetic procedure is one thing. Maintaining them for years to come can be a completely different challenge. As time passes, our bodies naturally change and grow. These changes can diminish the aesthetic results that we worked so hard to obtain. However, there are things you can do to help prolong the results of your cosmetic procedure as the years go on. We recommend taking the following steps:

How Can I Maintain My Plastic Surgery Results Over TimeEat Healthy & Get Regular Exercise

Eating right and exercising regularly are always highly recommended, but they might be even more important habits for patients trying to maintain their plastic surgery results. The long-term results from body contouring procedures depend largely on maintaining a stable, healthy bodyweight. For example, weight gain after a tummy tuck can lead to a re-stretching of the skin that can undo your results and create the need for additional cosmetic procedures.

Be Kind to Your Skin

Taking great care of your skin can go a long way towards maintaining your post-surgery results, especially in the weeks following your plastic surgery procedure. I recommend staying hydrated (drink six to eight glasses of water daily). Sun damage caused by overexposure to UV rays can damage the skin’s support structures and lead to laxity, wrinkles, and textural changes in the skin over time. I strongly advise patients apply broad-spectrum sunscreen (30 SPF or higher) and other medical-grade skincare products daily. Touch-up treatments with non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox® Cosmetic Injections can help maintain the results of your plastic surgery. AYA™ Medical Spa has a full menu of award-winning skincare treatments to help take care of your skin and protect yourself from sun damage.

Avoid Smoking & Other Forms of Nicotine

It is widely known that consuming nicotine in any form (including patches and gum) can negatively affect the body’s ability to recover from plastic surgery and potentially cause complications like scarring or bleeding. But nicotine can also impact the results of your plastic surgery long after recovery is complete. Nicotine dries out the skin, making it age more rapidly, and diminishing the results of anti-aging procedures like facelifts and browlifts.

Outstanding, long-term results are attainable with plastic surgery. However, it’s important to follow the instructions of your board-certified plastic surgeon and take care of yourself following your procedure in order to help make your results last as the years pass. If you would like to learn more or schedule a plastic surgery consultation, please contact the office of Dr. Allyson B. Maske or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more tips, news, and more.