Dr. Namnoum Featured on Plastic Surgery Channel: Does Where You Live Determine Implant Size?

Last year, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. James Namnoum was honored to be welcomed by the Medical Advisory Board and fellow members as the newest Plastic Surgery Channel Medical Expert team member. An expert in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Namnoum provides his patients with the latest surgical techniques and technology. He has served on both national and international plastic surgery panels and enjoys interacting with and discussing the latest plastic surgery trends among colleagues and fellow surgeons.

Dr James Namnoum - Atlanta Plastic SurgeonIn a recent segment on The Plastic Surgery Channel, Dr. Namnoum debated with a Florida surgeon whether or not your geographic location has an impact on your chosen breast implant size. The Plastic Surgery Channel devotes programming to both education and entertainment–as provided in the debate–delivering credible and relevant information and news to current and potential patients.

While the Floridian surgeon took the stance of stating wearing fewer clothes in hotter climates would provoke the desire for larger breasts and that breast implants in colder climates are generally smaller than they are near the coasts, Dr. Namnoum took a different approach. “I think a lot of the bigger implants in certain areas are surgeon driven,” Dr. Namnoum expressed of implant usage in breast augmentation. “I see women with implants that really don’t fit, and they should have been given smaller implants if the surgeon had properly served his patient in order to get the best results.”

Though the surgeons’ opinions diverged, they agreed that factors need to be comprehensively evaluated by a board-certified plastic surgeon who can analyze the health of the patient’s tissue, chest measurements, and the different types of breast implant options available. “Picking an implant is not a simple process,” says Dr. Namnoum. “[We] want to put in implants that look the most natural and fit the patient best, even if they want to have large breasts.”

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