Part 1 of Dr. Namnoum’s series on Breast Revision Surgery: Revise and Repair

If actress Pamela Anderson’s forever-fluctuating bust size is any evidence, Plastic Surgery patients sometimes change their minds when they see the actual result of cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation.  For these patients, surgeons like Dr. Jim Namnoum of Atlanta Plastic Surgery offer Breast Revision Procedures.

While the factors that create a desire for breast revision surgery vary from patient to patient, some of the common complaints include:  drastic weight gain and/or weight loss following the original procedure, effects of pregnancy, ill-proportioned implant sizing by another surgeon, or a desire to switch implant type from saline to silicone (or vice versa.)

Breast Revision Surgery entails just what the name suggests:  surgically modifying the effects of a previous breast procedure (i.e.- breast augmentation, breast reduction, male breast reduction, breast lift, etc.) Occasionally, patients experience complications as a result of their original procedures.  This can include wrinkling, bottoming out (where the implant location drops), capsular contracture (where the implant hardens to an undesirable feel.), or implant rupture (deflation.)

Breast Revision can often be avoided with adequate research and proper surgeon selection initially.  That’s why it is imperative that you always approach any cosmetic procedure seriously. Breast Revision Surgery requires a great deal of sophisticated analysis and execution to repair the problem; and avoid any additional revisions.  Only entrust properly certified surgeons, like Dr. Namnoum who is Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Be sure to continue reading our blog for the next portion of our Breast Revision series discussing topics such as:  proper pre-surgery analysis, how to choose the right surgeon, and ensuring proper procedure selection.  To find more information on Dr. Namnoum or schedule a consultation, visit his website or call (404) 256-1311.