Common Questions About the Brazilian Butt Lift

Common Questions About the Brazilian Butt LiftThe Brazilian butt lift has become increasingly common in recent years. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) yearly statistics, gluteal augmentation (enhancing the size and shape of the butt) is one of the fastest growing types of procedures in plastic surgery. This is likely because there are few other single procedures that can so dramatically improve the patient’s shape and silhouette. Given how popular this procedure is, I get a lot of questions about it. Here are some of the questions about Brazilian butt lifts I hear most frequently:

Am I a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

As with any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, you need to be in good health, have the necessary time & resources to adequately recover, and manage your goals and expectations in realistic, healthy ways. Specifically for a Brazilian butt lift, you need to have good skin quality on your butt and hips, as well as adequate fat stores elsewhere in your body to transfer to the surgical site. Contrary to what the name suggests, a Brazilian butt lift will not take care of sagging skin (a standard butt or gluteal lift serves that purpose). If you want something other than butt augmentation without implants, a different procedure or combination of procedures may be what you’re looking for. Visit my before-and-after gallery to see my Brazilian butt lift results (as well as those of many other procedures).

What special techniques do you use for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I use the most advanced fat grafting technique for Brazilian butt lifts: expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL). Using EVL, I can powerfully shape the tissue while keeping the grafted fat in the subcutaneous space (under the skin). Thus, this specialized method combines both optimal safety and aesthetic technique. The EVL technique represents one of the latest fat grafting methods and is not offered by all plastic surgeons performing the Brazilian butt lift procedure. When choosing a surgeon, I advise asking if they plan for a subcutaneous-only grafting procedure and if they offer expansion vibration lipofilling as a method of fat placement. For the skilled surgeon, the shaping process of selectively removing fat (by liposuction) is just as important as the ability to properly place the fat into the buttocks.

Why is the Brazilian butt lift so popular?

When trying to get into better shape, many people find themselves with certain characteristics that diet and exercise simply cannot affect. Just as you cannot target specific body areas for weight loss, you cannot gain weight in a certain area to become curvier without it distributing elsewhere in your body. Furthermore, genetics largely determine the shape and size of one’s butt, making it difficult to affect these elements through behavior changes alone. This is where the Brazilian butt lift is extremely effective. If you want a more pronounced butt and/or more aesthetically appealing lower-body proportions (in the hips, lower back, thighs, etc.), want your clothing to be more flattering, and/or desire an overall more youthful look, the Brazilian butt lift may be an ideal option for you. The Brazilian butt lift can improve the appearance of the entire lower body in addition to the butt itself.

Is the Brazilian butt lift safe?

When performed by a specially trained plastic surgeon, in an accredited facility, and on a suitable patient, the Brazilian butt lift has a low rate of complications. Conversely, although any surgical procedure is unsafe if performed by an unqualified plastic surgeon, this is especially true of the Brazilian butt lift. No matter what surgery you choose, it’s always important to select your plastic surgeon wisely. However, when it comes to this procedure, I cannot emphasize the importance of seeking out a uniquely qualified plastic surgeon enough; the techniques, knowledgebase, and precision required to correctly execute this procedure are highly specific.


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