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Breast Lift Surgery with Allyson B. Maske, M.D.

Located at our Northside Location in Atlanta, GA.

Life experiences like pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and aging all affect our bodies. Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy helps to lift and firm breasts that may have begun to sag or droop with age or as a result of weight fluctuations. By removing the skin that causes sagging and tightening the surrounding breast tissue, a mastopexy can restore breasts to their once-perky position and shape.

breast lift surgery in atlanta georgia

During the procedure, Dr. Allyson Maske will make an incision based on your breast size and cosmetic goals. The underlying breast tissue is then reshaped and lifted to improve breast contour and shape. Based on each individual case, the nipple and areola may also be reduced and/or repositioned to a more natural-looking location. Excess skin will also be removed in order to reshape the breast and improve breast appearance.

Good candidates for breast lift surgery include women who are satisfied with their breast size, but whose breasts are pendulous or too saggy, lack firmness, and/or have downward-pointing nipples.

It’s important to note that a breast lift does change the size of your breasts, only the shape and position. If you’re looking to increase your breast size, consider breast augmentation surgery. For those looking to decrease the size of their breasts, breast lift surgery can be combined with breast reduction to reshape breasts to a more manageable size.

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Breast Lift FAQs

Is it possible to perform a breast lift and a breast augmentation at the same time?
Absolutely! While a surgical breast reduction, by its very nature, involves the removal of excess skin and the redistribution of fat and breast tissue which naturally gives the breasts added lift, some women who want to correct sagging breasts would also like some additional volume as well. In fact, the placement of even a relatively small breast implant can usually provide some additional lift and projection all by itself.  Combining complementary plastic surgery procedures can be a very safe and economical way to achieve your aesthetic goals with a significantly reduced recovery time and is the basis for the extremely popular Mommy Makeover.  Specifically combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation will give a patient some additional upper breast fullness while it repositions the sagging breasts and nipples.

What can I expect while recovering after a breast lift procedure?
As with any plastic surgery procedure, recovery times for a breast lift can vary significantly, as the health and healing abilities of various patients may be very different. In general, most women should be able to return to work or light activity after breast lift surgery within 2 to 14 days, depending on the amount of skin removed and what type of activity the patient intends to do. I usually encourage patients to engage in some very light exercise, like walking, to help speed the healing process and prevent complications. Every patient is unique, so I will provide you with personalized after-care instructions and medications, and schedule follow-up visits so that we can ensure the best possible breast lift results.