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Breast Procedures

There are a number of different techniques that can potentially enhance breast shape or position to help create a more proportional and aesthetically pleasing body shape.

Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery is perhaps the most well-known form of plastic surgery in the world, and at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C., breast augmentation, commonly known as a “boob job,” is by far our most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. However, plastic surgery can potentially do far more than merely increase the size of the breasts.

For women who are suffering back pain, poor posture, or other health concerns related to overly large and heavy breasts, a breast reduction can provide relief by reducing the size and weight of the breasts so that they are more proportional with the body’s frame. Similarly, women whose breasts have started to sag or droop as a result of age, pregnancy, or weight fluctuation can often benefit from a breast lift, or mastopexy, to give them a more youthful and lifted appearance. Either of these procedures can be safely performed in conjunction with other breast enhancement techniques, depending on the needs and desired result of the patient.

Finally, breast reconstruction surgery uses a variety of different approaches to effectively “re-build” a natural looking breast after a mastectomy, the surgical removal of one or both breasts for the treatment of breast cancer. Breast Revision surgery is also available for cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery patients if they are unhappy with the results from their initial surgery.

Atlanta Plastic Surgery surgeons individually consult with each breast surgery patient to arrive at a desired appearance and to meet specific needs while maintaining competitive cosmetic breast surgery pricing. Using a computerized aesthetic imaging system, the patient and the Surgeon can evaluate potential surgical results together, viewing a computerized video image to reach decisions more confidently.