Buttock Augmentation at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C.
(Buttock Enhancement)

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Buttock Augmentation at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. (Buttock Enhancement)Atlanta buttock enhancement, or gluteoplasty, can be achieved through various methods depending on the patients’ desired outcome from this plastic surgery procedure. Post bariatric patients who have lost a significant amount of weight may benefit most from a butt lift in which the buttock muscles are repositioned and sagging skin is removed. Others looking for a more curvy appearance may opt for a fat transfer procedure, commonly referred to as the Brazilian butt lift, which consists of removing fat from other areas through liposuction and re-injecting this fat (once sterilized) into the buttocks.

Butt Lift

Similar to other body lift procedures, the butt lift is recommended to those patients who were left with excess, sagging skin in the buttock area due to significant weight loss. During a butt lift procedure, a plastic surgeon will place an incision in the lower back (usually hip to hip). Then, the surgeon lifts the skin, repositions the muscles, and removes excess skin. A buttock lift can be performed in conjunction with other body lift procedures, as well as with liposuction of excess fat.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a type of fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer consists of using liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body, purifying these fat cells, and re-injecting them into the buttocks. Fat is usually harvested from naturally fleshy areas such as the flanks, hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs. This procedure is not recommended for patients who do not have adequate stores of fat. The Brazilian butt lift technique usually provides more natural-looking results than other forms of buttock enhancement because the patient’s fat cells are used.

Buttock Enhancement FAQ’s

Who is an ideal candidate for buttock enhancement?
An ideal candidate for buttock enhancement surgery is a man or woman who wants to reshape the contour of their buttocks. As people age, their muscles begin to lose volume and their skin begins to sag giving the buttocks a droopy appearance. Post weight loss surgery patients who are unsatisfied with the amount of excess skin in their buttock region are also good candidates for a butt lift. Because an Atlanta Brazilian butt lift procedure requires fat harvested from a donor area, patients who could benefit from liposuction of other areas, in addition to wanting a curvier-looking behind, are good Brazilian butt lift candidates.
What are the main differences between the the butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift and how do I determine which is best for me?
A Brazilian butt lift utilizes fat transfer to revolumize the buttocks where as a butt lift removes excess tissue and repositions muscle to return the buttocks to a more favorable position. During consultation, your plastic surgeon will help decide which procedure will help you best achieve your desired results.
Can a buttock enhancement procedure be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures?
Yes, buttock enhancement procedures are often performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures. Butt lift patients may also have a tummy tuck, liposuction, or other body contouring procedures to reduce areas of excess fat. Brazilian butt lift patients may also opt for additional liposuction than that necessary for fat transfer in order to accomplish optimal sculpting results. Procedure combination options can be further discussed during a consultation.
How long is buttock augmentation recovery time?
Patients are advised to avoid directly sitting on the surgical site; instead, Atlanta buttock augmentation patients are directed to lie on their stomachs to rest for two weeks following the procedure. Most patients can return to work after two weeks as well.  Results will vary from patient to patient and your physician will discuss with you at your consultation.


Consultations are available at our offices in AtlantaAlpharettaCumming / Forsyth,  Newnan, and Northside / Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Please see below for a list of the Atlanta Plastic Surgery physicians that provide buttock enhancement surgery. Click here to view before and after buttock augmentation surgery pictures.

Philip H. Beegle Jr., M.D.
L. Franklyn Elliott, M.D.
James D. Namnoum, M.D.
Joseph Kerwin Williams, M.D.
Allyson B. Maske, M.D.


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