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Consultation Overview

On your first visit, you will receive an initial consultation and evaluation by one of our plastic surgeons.

consultation-with-doctorThe surgeon and you will decide if surgery is necessary and if so, what treatment is required. Your evaluation may include computer imaging or diagnostic x-rays. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete necessary paperwork or you may access patient paperwork by clicking here and completing it before your arrival.

If you choose to have surgery, the next step is scheduling the procedure with the doctor’s secretary. Prior to your operation, you will meet with the doctor for a pre-operative history and physical.

Our Atlanta Plastic Surgery doctors provide quality, customized treatment to all patients. They always consider, not only the unique anatomical features of each individual, but also their goals. We provide sufficient knowledge and detailed explanations to enable patients to make informed decisions for their plastic surgery experience.

FAQs about Plastic Surgery Consultations

  • While any licensed physician can attempt to perform basic cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, each of our seven providers is board certified in plastic surgery, a distinguished honor that not all surgeons possess. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery requires that a doctor undergo extensive education and training beyond medical school and surgical residency, including years of experience performing highly specialized plastic surgery techniques.  Looking for board certification is the single best way to ensure that a doctor has expertise in a particular medical or surgical specialty and adheres to the highest standards in patient safety.