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L. Franklyn Elliott, M.D.

Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
President, Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, 2000-2001
Director, Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium, 1989-2003
Co-Director, Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium, 2003-Present

Located at our Northside Location

Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breast, and Body

cosmetic surgery galleryCosmetic and plastic surgery can improve the appearance of the face, breast, and body. Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Franklyn Elliott is advanced in cosmetic procedures ranging from the traditional facelift and breast enhancement to the all-encompassing mommy makeover surgery and circumferential body lift. Dr. Elliott is particularly interested in developing new cosmetic surgery techniques, and has developed a short scar facelift procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. His enthusiasm for emerging techniques assures his patients of his commitment to their safety and mission to provide optimal plastic surgery results.

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Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast
Cosmetic Surgery of the Face
Cosmetic Surgery of the Body

Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast

  • There are two primary ways to increase the size of the breast. The first method utilizes a breast implant to enlarge the breast. The breast implant is usually placed behind the pectoral muscle to achieve a more natural, soft result in many cases. This operation can be done either through an incision around the areola, on the lower breast, or in the underarm depending on the patient’s needs. The second method involves transferring fat from another area of the patient’s body (such as the abdomen or thighs) to the breast. This operation utilizes an incision where the fat is being removed with liposuction, but the fat is injected into the breasts so only a small incision is needed. There is a loss of a portion of the injected fat (40%) so more fat must be injected that will live. In addition this procedure at this time may require several procedures to achieve a successful result.  Both procedures can be met with almost universal success, as most patients are very happy with their breast augmentation results. Dr. Elliott’s patients range in age from the late teens through age sixty and up.

    breast augmentation diagram

    Diagram from ASPS

Cosmetic Surgery of the Face

  • Facelift Facelift

    The facelift procedure involves lifting the cheeks, jaw line, and neck for a tighter, more youthful appearance. The operation is often combined with eyelid procedures (blepharoplasty) and/or a brow lift for an overall facial rejuvenation. Multiple combinations can be used, and in fact, Dr. Elliott prefers to tailor each operation to patients’ individual wants and needs. Dr. Elliott does not like to encumber the patient postoperatively with large, uncomfortable dressings that lead to swelling. By facilitating the recovery process for his patients, Dr. Elliott feels they are more likely to adhere to aftercare guidelines and obtain favorable facelift results. Dr. Elliott feels that the facelift procedure should be preceded by a topical regime of the facial skin (including daily moisturizer and sunscreen application) to ensure optimal healing and facelift surgery results. To view Dr. Elliott’s facelift results click here.

Cosmetic Surgery of the Body

  • liposuction areas
    liposuction areas

    Liposuction has been around since 1980 and has undergone numerous improvements in the intervening years. Presently, there are a number of techniques to destroy fat cells and remove them. These include suction removal of fat under one atmosphere of negative pressure, laser destruction of the fat and then removal of the fat remains, water destruction of fat cells under pressure with subsequent removal of the fat remains, and vibrating power destruction of fat cells with removal of the fat remains.

    Dr. Elliott has tried several of these procedures and feels that the standard removal of fat under one atmosphere of pressure is the most efficient, safe, predictable and successful of these techniques. He uses smaller cannulas which require only very small incisions for accurate removal of the fat. There is no risk of burning the overlying skin with Dr. Elliot’s version of the standard technique, unlike some of the other aforementioned techniques. By utilizing the standard liposuction technique, Dr. Elliot eliminates the need for additional equipment and surgical time: minimizing the risk of surgical complications or added expense for the patient.

Dr. Elliott

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