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Atlanta Plastic Surgery’s Male Procedures

As with most industries in the cosmetic field, plastic surgery has been traditionally associated with women; but the rise in the number of males opting for plastic surgery procedures continues to rise year after year, making it an increasingly popular option for men all over the country and the world.

Most every cosmetic surgery procedure available to women is also offered for men; but the board certified plastic surgeons at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. know that a male’s body and face shape is inherently different than a women’s. Certain surgical techniques are used to tailor individualized treatment plans, specific to each man’s anatomy and desired results.

At Atlanta Plastic Surgery, our board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons offer a wide array of male plastic surgery services. For the face, male facelift surgery, male rhinoplasty, male eyelid surgery, male forehead lift, facial implants and cosmetic injectables like Botox®, Dysport® or facial fillers may be recommended to give the men a more youthful or masculine facial anatomy. For the body, male tummy tuck surgery, male liposuction, or male breast reduction, to correct gynecomastia, can give the body a slimmer and more attractive contour.

We invite you to explore all of our individual male procedure pages and browse or before and after galleries to learn more about the plastic surgery procedures available for men at Atlanta Plastic Surgery. Contact us today to inquire about current male cosmetic procedure pricing.

FAQs on Male Plastic Surgery Procedures