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Male Eyelid Surgery
at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C.

Performed at our Atlanta, and Cumming, GA locations.

The area around the eyes is usually the first part of the body and face to show signs of aging. Because of this, more and more men are opting for male eyelid surgery, known as male blepharoplasty. While most men opt for eyelid surgery to give the area around their eyes a more youthful lift, bagginess and sagging skin around the eye area can actually impair a person’s vision, making corrective surgery necessary to restore function.

Male eyelid surgery involves the surgical removal of excess fat and skin around the eyelids and the subsequent tightening of muscles and remaining tissue around the eye area. Depending on the patient, the plastic surgeon may also target the upper eyelid area, the lower eyelid area, or both eyelids depending on the location and amount of localized fat and sagging skin.

Candidates for male eyelid surgery are men who are in good health and in their mid-thirties or older. Depending on certain environmental factors and their rate of aging, some men may opt for male eyelid surgery at a younger age.

For more information about male eyelid surgery, schedule a consultation, available at our offices in Atlanta, Cumming / Forsyth, and Northside / Sandy Springs, Georgia with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons at Atlanta Plastic Surgery.

L. Franklyn Elliott, M.D.
James D. Namnoum, M.D.
Joseph Kerwin Williams, M.D.
Michael Mirzabeigi, M.D.