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Mini Facelift
at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C.

Performed at our Cumming / Forsyth, Canton /Cherokee and Northside / Sandy Springs, Georgia locations.

Our board certified plastic surgeons at Atlanta Plastic Surgery offer many cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options for their patients.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini-facelifts

  • Patients have a variety of choices when it comes to to repairing wrinkles, loose skin and more. Things like a double chin, sagging of the neck and jowls, lost volume in the cheeks, and more all contribute to reasons why someone may consider a mini facelift.

    A mini facelift concentrates on the mid section of the face rather than the entire face, providing improved results and a relatively short recovery time. However, it is still surgery and may require general anesthesia depending on the surgeon and the patient. 

Mini-facelift surgery can be scheduled at one of our Atlanta Plastic Surgery, PC locations.

The following doctors perform mini-facelift surgery at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, PC. Click on a surgeon to learn more about and to view before and after cosmetic surgery photographs.

L Franklyn Elliott, M.D.
James D. Namnoum, M.D.
Joseph Kerwin Williams, M.D.
Allyson B. Maske, M.D.
Michael Mirzabeigi, M.D.