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Mommy Makeover Procedures

Performed by Joseph K. Williams, M.D.. at our Atlanta, GA office location.

Pregnancy and breast feeding can cause dramatic changes to a woman’s body, and some find that they may need a little extra assistance to help them get back to their pre-pregnancy appearance. A Mommy Makeover is a plastic surgery procedure designed to address these changes with a combination of breast and body contouring techniques, which may include:

  • Tummy Tuck (or abdominoplasty) to retighten stretched abdominal muscles and remove the lower belly “pooch”
  • Breast Lift (or mastopexy) to restore sagging breasts to a more lifted and youthful position
  • Liposuction to remove isolated pockets of fat that do not respond to diet or exercise and create a more smoothly sculpted appearance

Because every woman is unique, and each woman’s body responds to pregnancy differently, additional procedures, like breast reduction or augmentation, spider vein treatment, arm lifts, or thigh lifts, can also be included, as necessary, to address individual areas of concern. Having these procedures completed during a single surgical session means that patients ultimately require less post-surgery recovery time and get back to their lives faster.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mommy Makeovers

  • Any woman who has experienced a change in the size or shape of her body as a result of pregnancy or breast feeding, including sagging or deflated breasts, excess, sagging skin or stretched abdominal muscles, and pockets of unwanted fat may be a candidate for Mommy Makeover surgery. As with all surgical procedures, the patient should be in generally good health, be a non-smoker, and be at or near their ideal weight. They should also have a thorough understanding of the procedure as well as realistic expectations.