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Joseph Kerwin Williams, M.D.

Board Certified in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Chief of Plastic Surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite
Director of Research at the Center for Craniofacial Disorders
Associate Professor at Emory University in the division of Plastic Surgery
Co-Owner of AYA™ Medical Spa

Located at our Northside Location

Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a highly specialized form of plastic surgery that is designed to restore proper function while correcting defects and abnormalities of the face and/or body. Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Joseph Williams received specialized training at both New York University and Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  For more than twenty years, Dr. Williams has helped restore both functionality and appearance to patients with facial abnormalities, whether they are due to trauma, disease, or craniofacial defects, by utilizing the least invasive and most up-to-date surgical techniques.

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Craniofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery

Before and After Pictures of Reconstructive Procedures Performed by Dr. Joseph Williams

Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgery is a surgical subspecialty that deals with congenital and acquired deformities of the head, skull, face, neck, jaws and associated structures. In the majority of cases, these issues are detected and treated at birth or at a very young age, but they may also be the result of accidental trauma or disease. Dr. Williams has extensive experience utilizing the most advanced surgical techniques for facial reconstruction and the correction of facial abnormalities.


  • Traumatic events like motor vehicle crashes, sporting injuries, falls, or fights can often break the bones of the face.  When sudden facial fractures or dislocations affect the nose, cheekbones, the area around the eyes, or the upper / lower jaw, reconstructive plastic surgery may be necessary in order to restore appearance and proper function. An expert in facial anatomy, Dr. Williams uses a variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques to repair orbital fractures, nasal fractures, and other facial fractures with long-lasting, natural looking results.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial surgery is a type of specialty reconstructive surgery used to correct a wide spectrum of diseases, defects, and/or injuries of the face, head, neck, and jaws. It generally differs from craniofacial surgery in that it focuses on the tooth-bearing bones in the lower half of the skull and may in some cases overlap with the work of an oral surgeon.

  • Abnormalities of the jaw can be a result of congenital defects, trauma, or the result of a disease or infection where a section of the jaw area must be removed. Some types of congenital defects affecting the jaw include protrusion or recession of the upper and/or lower jaw. Dr. Williams uses a variety of techniques including bone reduction and reshaping, facial implants, and repositioning of the jaw to correct these various deformities.