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Franklyn Elliott, M.D.

Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
President, Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, 2000-2001
Director, Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium, 1989-2003
Co-Director, Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium, 2003-Present

Located at our Northside Location

Reconstructive Surgery

While cosmetic surgery is used to improve the appearance of the face, breast, and body; reconstructive surgery is used to restore the function of facial and body features compromised by congenital defects or the treatment of long-term illnesses like chemotherapy or radiation. Dr. Elliott is experienced in various types of reconstructive surgery, but he specializes in reconstructive surgery of the breasts. Dr. Elliott continues to research and advance surgical reconstruction of the breast: developing and refining breast reconstruction procedures like the scarless latissimus flap, DIEP flap, and TRAM flap methods.

Breast Reconstruction

breast reconstruction galleryDr. Elliott has remained committed to breast reconstruction after mastectomy since the first days of his career. For 27 years, Dr. Elliott has performed both immediate and delayed breast reconstruction after mastectomy in addition to cosmetic surgeries of the face, breast, and body at his Atlanta, Georgia practice.

His experience with the TRAM flap, both pedicled and free, is extensive. He has written many articles on this subject and has performed the procedure live in a number of centers around the world. He also employs the breast implant and/or tissue expander when the TRAM flap is not an option or not desired by the patient.

Dr. Elliott has also been involved in the development of new techniques, including the use of the scarless latissimus flap, which utilizes muscle from the back without requiring a scar on the back. He has also developed a procedure for patients who had breast augmentation but were subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Click on a reconstructive surgery procedure listed below to learn more:

Breast Reconstruction Using a Breast Implant
Breast Reconstruction Using a Tissue Expander
Breast Reconstruction Using the Scarless Latissimus (no scar on the back)
Breast Reconstruction Using the TRAM / Free TRAM
Breast Reconstruction After Augmentation / Mammaplasty
Nipple / Areolar Reconstruction

Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy can be performed either immediately at the time of a mastectomy, or delayed until a later time after the mastectomy has been performed. Generally patients prefer immediate reconstruction because they go into surgery with a breast and come out of surgery with a breast and there is a single operation for removal and replacement of the breast. Dr. Elliott discusses each of these options with his patients in detail, being certain that they understand their alternatives. There are a number of techniques available for reconstructing the breast including: breast implants, tissue expanders, scarless latissimus surgery, TRAM/ free TRAM methods, DIEP flap, nipple / areolar reconstruction, and post augmentation reconstruction.

  • breast reconstruction using implantPatients who are candidates for breast reconstruction with a breast implant usually have enough skin on the chest to easily receive the implant and do not want to be larger than their current breast size. The implant is generally covered by the muscle, and may be covered by acellular dermal matrix. The acellular dermal matrix that Dr. Elliott prefers is the SurgiMend product made by TEI. This matrix forms an additional coverage over the implant so that the implant is not directly beneath the skin: producing a more natural looking breast implant result. In some situations, injections of fat that has been taken from other areas of the body (like the abdomen or thighs) can be used in addition to a breast implant to give the breasts a further enhanced and natural appearance.


Dr. Elliott

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