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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
Dr. Allyson Maske Offers

Located at our Northside Location

Cosmetic Procedures Performed by Dr. Allyson Maske:

Dr. Maske has been performing a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures for decades. She specializes in performing procedures for the breasts and body including breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift (mastopexy), abdominoplasty, and liposuction. However, that is just a small selection of her extensive cosmetic surgery experience.

Patients who are interested in rejuvenating their physique may benefit from undergoing a body contouring procedure with Dr. Maske. This includes the Brazilian Butt Lift, post-weight loss surgery, and fat transfer procedures. In some cases, she is able to combine multiple procedures into one treatment session, like with her mommy makeover surgery, to provide even more comprehensive cosmetic results. Dr. Maske has considerable experience performing several of the most common cosmetic procedures for the face including facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, and brow lift.

Dr. Maske’s specialized, patient-centric approach ensures that every patient will be able to find a procedure option that best fits their aesthetic goals. In addition to providing truly outstanding and long-lasting aesthetic results, Dr. Maske always takes the time during pre-surgery consultation appointments to ensure that her patients understand all of their available treatment options, and do not have any lingering questions, concerns, or doubts heading into their surgery. This is why patients have been coming back to Dr. Maske here at Atlanta Plastic Surgery since 2004.


Reconstructive Procedures Performed by Dr. Allyson Maske:

Dr. Maske also performs several reconstructive surgery procedures to assist patients. This includes a number of different methods of breast reconstruction procedures designed to help women who have undergone breast cancer surgery like a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Available breast reconstruction techniques include procedures that use tissue expanders as well as those that utilize the TRAM flap method.


Reconstructive Surgery Procedures Dr. Maske Offers

Breast Reconstruction
after Mastectomy

Dr. Maske

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